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Essex Candle Company Ltd

Unique and tasteful bereavement candles and cremation urns

Our candles are 100% wax, do not smoke, and have a longer burn time.

About the Essex Candle Company Ltd

Essex Candle Company based in Essex offers beautiful Bereavement Candles, bespoke Cremation Urns and candle boxes in a wide range of colours to choose from.

I have been involved in the legal industry for over 30 years dealing with probate etc. My wife has always been a crafter and jewellery designer, so I have left the legal profession and we have combined our talents and looked at the bereavement process.

I have found through experience that there is no process for dealing with grief, other than the counselling services offered by funeral directors. Although this service is wonderful, what I realised was that loved ones left behind wanted a photograph and a candle to burn on special days like birthdays or anniversaries. Thus, we came up with this idea to help ease the mourning process.

Dark Blue Candle Box
Candle Box Red & Black

Cremations Urns & Anniversary Candles

Most cremation urns are made from wood or metal, so after doing thorough market research, my wife and I designed a unique, bespoke urn and candle box made with the combination of wood and leather. The candle box is designed to hold the candle for it to be lit up on those special days. Each urn and candle box can be personalised entirely with the colours provided. 

Burgundy Set